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19 Must-Use Tools For Every Startup

Being in your early years you have multiple things to manage including your productivity. You do need tools that would streamline your workflow cutting right through your workload boosting your productivity and efficiency.

After a lot of exploring and experiments, Appeinics brings a comprehensive list of 15 must-use tools to boost the productivity of your team.

Communication & Collaboration



We use it for our internal communication and highly recommend it. Why? Use it and you will know why.



This is one platform that not only collects your email data but also makes sure your email is delivered to all of them. Who else does that?


Task & Project Management



A web-based whiteboard with post-it notes. Organize your projects into boards and get an overview of how things are moving.



Plan, track and release effective software as it can be integrated with developer tools to personalize the solution.


Sales Management



An exact fit for sales processes. It’s an intuitive and visual way of displaying business leads to having a good overview of sales.


Workflow Management



Developing a mobile App? How do you send some data to your server? SOCKET makes it possible without writing code. Powerful yet simple. Automate processes by collecting data, modify and fork it to multiple apps and websites using a single URL.



Create a chain of simple conditions by connecting your favourite apps, services, and devices. Predefine any event to perform an action.


Search-and-Alert Program



Search the entire web for your defined keywords and assign a follow-up to the activity or track the sentiments when your key terms are found.


Web Performance & Security



Secure your site with Universal SSL while boosting its performance.


Application Performance Monitoring


New Relic

A single tool to diagnose and fix all your application problem in real-time and monitor their performance.


API Development Tool



It is the best way available to test your APIs and helps build them by quickly putting together both simple and complex HTTP requests.


Cloud Application Platform



A no-nonsense approach towards application deployment, Heroku takes care of all aspects of your “platform” so you simply deploy your application.


Remote Access Program



The multi-platform nature is its real strength. An easy-to-use interface that lets you transfer files, switch sides to trade the control of the device and do so much more with ease.


Ammyy Admin

Enjoy easy and fast remote control access to your PC or server administration through this portable program.


Customer Support



One of the most personalised way to communicate with clients. Offers a no-fuss approach to sending their queries leading to a better client relationship.


P.S. If you think we missed something here then do let us know in the comments box below.

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