Chatbot – the Beginner guide for Startups

A Chatbot is a pure magic. AI-powered virtual assistants are the future of the tech industry that opened the door for all companies to interact with their users. The Chatbot is not a new concept. Although they have been technically using since the 1950s, virtual bots are hottest in the technology and digital marketing world. Many popular brands such as Uber, Pizza Hut implemented them to reach more customers efficiently. As a survey of 2018, 38% of Americans would use Chatbots to interact with a company or brand. Indeed, AI-powered bots gave a new dimension to startups and companies to grow their business. (more…)


5 Website Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

In the present generation, everyone is tech savvy. To promote a business, the most prominent way usually, is via a website. Hence, one has to make sure that the website is put together well and has no mistakes. 75% of consumers state that they judge a business’s credibility by how well put together its website is. Fact is that, you have around 20 seconds to grab a customer’s attention to ensure they stay on the website and go through it. (more…)


Google Voice Search – The New SEO Game Changer

Are you still in doubt about the technological advancements? Maybe you’re still drawn back in the old system or simply don’t want to believe if the heights of technological reach are actually possible? Well, you should know the world keeps evolving and, of course, you have to follow its tides wherever they spread. (more…)


SEO Checklist: What thing will make your site more SEO Friendly and you should not miss it

When undertaking a whole new SEO project, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind including What is SEO?. It can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are new to it, or have not had a lot of experience with it. For this reason, this article brings you a compilation of handy checklist pointers, with the help of which, you can easily remember everything that is essential to starting a new SEO project! (more…)


Digital Marketing and SEO for your Products and Company

Digital Marketing is the very well known way of spreading words about your product into the market. It almost covers everything from Search Engines to the Advertising sites. Digital Marketing comprises of Direct E-mail marketing, SEO, SMO and some other tools. These tools are now common but they are effective as they were before. (more…)


Why You Should Hire a Professional Web Design Team for Your Business

A website is the face of your business in your desired target market and it showcases the wide range of your product and/or service offerings along with Brand Promotion. The look and functionality of your website is quintessential in crafting the first impression of your business to your clientele. It should portray your business as a successful and distinguished entity. So that it influence viewer a great deal. (more…)


Enterprise Mobility Solutions : How to Overcome the Security Threats

Work environment, as you might already know, is dominated by mobile devices, Wi-Fi-networks, and cloud applications to ensure employees are productive and collaborative. While an employee accesses critical corporate data through multiple mobile devices remotely, organizations must make sure there is secure access to data irrespective of the device used. (more…)


Few Important Points About Internship in Jaipur For B. Tech

There is no doubt about the fact that B. Tech is a respectable education qualification in India. Today the majority of strength of Science background students opts for this program. However, in this regard it is essential to note some basic facts about summer training in Jaipur for summer internship. Here we shall throw a limelight on the same. (more…)

Top Mobile App Development Company, iPhone, Android, Web Apps Developer India, USA, Germany | Appenics

These Tips Will Give You A Better Understanding Of Mobile App Development

Creating an innovative app is a common trend these days for businesses irrespective of the size of the industry. Enterprises with their own tools to develop mobile apps can easily design any app of their choice. But companies without all the necessary facilities have to get an alternative for building their own mobile apps.



Logo Design Company in India

Logo Design company in India are many, but among many, which one is the best? It’s not that difficult to choose. Doing proper research will help you the most. Before going for any of the logo design company, understand why it is important for you. Be clear, why you need it and then only, move ahead with it. (more…)


Happy Diwali SMS Wishes in English

If you wish to give pleasant surprise to your friends, family, colleagues by sending them awesome Greetings, wishes SMS on this Diwali then you are at right place. Diwali or the “festival of lights” is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. (more…)


19 Must-Use Tools For Every Startup

Being in your early years you have multiple things to manage including your productivity. You do need tools that would streamline your workflow cutting right through your workload boosting your productivity and efficiency.

After a lot of exploring and experiments, Appeinics brings a comprehensive list of 15 must-use tools to boost the productivity of your team. (more…)