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5 Website Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

In the present generation, everyone is tech savvy. To promote a business, the most prominent way usually, is via a website. Hence, one has to make sure that the website is put together well and has no mistakes. 75% of consumers state that they judge a business’s credibility by how well put together its website is. Fact is that, you have around 20 seconds to grab a customer’s attention to ensure they stay on the website and go through it.

Website design—especially small business website design—has advanced by light-years in the past years, but some design principles remain the same. Here are 5 mistakes that you most definitely must avoid to ensure that your website stands out among others.


  • Outdated business information


When a customer opens up your website, they rely on your website to provide them with all the information  such as the contact information and so on. If your information on the website is incorrect or not updated and the customer reaches out to numbers out of service and not updated, they may get frustrated and give you bad ratings. Hence if you do not update your information on the website, this will have an adverse effect on your business.


  • No mobile site experience


A customer’s impression of your website design is now based on what it looks like from their handheld device. People are constantly connected nowadays. Most consumers are using their smartphone browsers at a rate almost higher than desktop use. Offer a consistent experience on all devices–desktop, tablet, and especially mobile. This will majorly affect the customer’s view about your website and business.


  • Your website does not immediately tell a person what you do and why they should choose you.


Once your page loads, the customer forms an opinion within 20 seconds. If the aim of the website, your services isn’t present as soon as it’s opened, then the customer is sure to exit, especially when it comes to business companies, as they are not able to understand the aims of the website and why they should choose your company out of a 100 others. You should have your products/services, aims, testimonials in clear view so that the customer is able to build better views.


  • Long Articles


Studies have shown that most visitors will not spend a considerable amount of time on a website reading a large article. They’ll either, print it out, or scan through it, to find the major talking points. It’s for this reason why you do not want to make your articles too long. If you have a lot to say on a particular topic, then you can highlight the main parts or break it down into points so that the customer can read what they want to. A customer’s attention span is very limited hence you should try to grab their interest by highlighting main points.


  • Slow Websites


If you think people impatient offline , they are even more so online thanks to a handy tool called the back button. They don’t like waiting for anything and expect your website to load fast. 47 percent of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less, and if they’re browsing on a mobile phone that percentage jumps up to 53 percent. There are many things you can do, to ensure your website to run faster such as resize images, use a Content Delivery Network, remove plugins that are no longer necessary and use browser caching.

Avoid these common mistakes small businesses make by hiring a pro or surveys can be conducted with test groups upon making the website so that customer’s interest can be evaluated and necessary improvements can be made.

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