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How to create a social media app

How to create a social media app

Every business can achieve ample opportunities by implementing a social media solution. It helps in positioning a strong brand, engaging more customers, boosting profits, etc. We have provided the following benefits below:

  • Gain deep customer insights by gathering, analysing relevant customer data.
  • Increase customer loyalty, brand awareness by communicating directly within a social app.
  • Reach the right audience by running targeted ads.
  • Generate leads to speed up customer retention.
  • Speed up site traffic and search ranking by sharing content.
  • Get information about business rivals that help to make strategic decisions.
  • Deliver information faster with geotarget content based on the user geographic location.
  • Build strong relationships with the audience.

Acquire the primary principles of developing a social media product

We have provided key principles that should be considered before thinking of an idea to build an application:

  • Privacy-first. It should be greatly protected to assure the personal information will not become public.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly. Great UX/UI implicates being customer-centricity that forces the audience engagement.
  • Data sources integration. Optimizing different sources data saves time and effort as there is no need of code writing.

The process of developing a social media app

1. Strategy crafting. Includes thorough studying all sides of an idea: target audience, competitive market to reach all business needs and expectations. This will help to find a unique trade area to implement an outstanding product.

2. Design. Means three stages: sketching, wireframing and prototyping that are very useful to provide successful solution.

  • Sketching helps extract numerous ideas to understand the logic, work on the product look.
  • Wireframing allows displaying the product basic structure in order to better understand user journey.
  • Prototyping covers a product clickable model that simplifies the introducing changes, provides a better product understanding.

3. Development & QA (Quality Assurance). Development/Design work in tandem while creating an application. When the designing phase is completed, developing phase will begin: functionality to implement perfect solutions is being set up. Any developing stage includes testing phase (manual/ automatic)to check whether the digital product works correctly.

4. Publishing & Marketing. Publishing implicates creating diverse materials to present an effective product at the AppleStore/Google Play.

5. Maintenance. Provided to ensure the app works correctly and does not have any bugs and there is no need to be fixed.

The development costs approximately $25.000 that depends on the app functionality complexity, provided design, supported operating systems, maintenance plan.

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The major features of the application

  • Profile Creation. There are two ways of user profile creation: by retrieving necessary data from existing accounts or by signing up (filling in your user updates) or by authorizing.
  • Social network integration allows connecting profiles, sharing posts, inviting friends from other existing networks: relations building platforms (to establish communication with people who have existing profiles), sharing networks (to scale video/photo content), online reviews to gain relevant information to make decision), debates/discussion forums (to share knowledge), publishing platforms (to create, load, publish diverse content), interest-based platforms (to find people who have similar interests and think the same way).
  • Newsfeed. Life events, useful data, thoughts, etc. can be shared in order those who like can observe the regular updates, even remaining anonymous if there is a need.
  • Secure message exchange. Ensure the private messages are watched over in order to eliminate external services to communicate outside.
  • External services interaction. Payment cards, electronic payments, Google maps, various databases and many other services that can expand your web application’s functionality will make it truly universal.
  • Push Notifications. Their usage helps to send an important information to get more people quickly and easily informed.
  • Search. The search module should include an extremely wide selection of parameters to find necessary data.

Drawing a line

Creating an application that enjoys greatest popularity is a challenge. It involves a diverse team of IT specialists: UI/UX-designers, iOS/Android developers, Web Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, skilled 24/7 user support team to implement successful efficient digital solution.

Appenics Technologies team has a solid background in building social media solutions and implementing unique outstanding solutions in order to gain business needs, build strong relationships with the audience, grow more revenue. Let us know what you need and we can find ideal solution for your business.

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